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It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold WCYDWT Back


I swear, I really just thought the picture was a nice, clean image.

We were doing projectile motion in my Physics class, so I put this image up on the screen as a good example of what happens to the velocity of an object thrown into the air. I think that’s one of the important things about this stuff, is that when you do it, it has to be QUALITY.

So, anyways, they could see plain as day about the object’s motion, seeing the way that the vertical component of velocity goes towards zero, inspecting the horizontal component and seeing that it stays more or less the same. Again, the clarity of the image made it so they could see it, without me having to tell them. Good! Success! Time to move on!

“Wait!” the kid yells. “Does he make the shot?”

Damn it, are you kidding me, Dan Meyer? I’ve got curriculum to cover! This is not at all what I had planned!

The questions just flow like milk and honey. They are in. What a great exploration.

Seriously, you guys have got to do this stuff.

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  1. Stephanie O permalink
    10.25.2010 4:03 pm

    Thank you! I printed out the picture as big as would fit on a sheet of paper and explored it with my son (7). We figured out the shot was a BRICK just from folding the paper through (what I assumed was) the apex ball, but we confirmed that with measurements as well. Really nice image, and FUN!

    • 10.25.2010 11:41 pm

      Thank this guy, he is the genius behind these visceral images:
      Sounds like a fun day with the kid. I certainly would have loved it when I was young. Keep working with your son. Maybe he can be in my Physics class in Brooklyn some day.

  2. Jim permalink
    10.26.2010 11:44 am

    What method did you use to get the stroboscopic image? I’d like to find an easy way to create this kind of image to use in class.

  3. Jim permalink
    10.26.2010 12:40 pm

    Never mind–I found Dan’s explanation. (Comment 19)

  4. 03.01.2011 12:41 pm

    yeah nice


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