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Senior Letter (2010 edition)


(I’ve embedded a document which may not be able to be viewed in your reader. Perhaps click through to the real deal)

I stole this idea from Sam last year. I steal a lot of things from Sam (calculus lessons, cardigans, using binder clips as a fashion statement), but this is one of the best. I meant to put it up at the end of last year as an ode to the class of 2010, but I stopped after this post. As many of you are winding down your year (you lucky bastards who don’t go until JUNE 28 JESUS CHRIST), you should steal the idea too. He is a much better writer than I am, so you should probably check his out.

This is the letter that I gave my students that graduated in 2010. I’m obviously one that doesn’t do well with emotions, and typically when things get touchy-feely in staff meetings I get really uncomfortable and start giving myself mathematical challenges to do. But I am proud of my students, and I thought that this was the most appropriate way to show them that.

Many of them have come back to visit this year, and they’ve mentioned how they have framed the letter, or they read it over and over again while they are away at college. So, my suggestion would be, if you teach seniors (or, anyone, really), do this. They don’t love it because it’s from me, or because it is some amazingly written letter, but because it is something that gives them comfort as they are away from home and in a new, different environment.

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  1. cheesemonkeysf permalink
    05.19.2011 12:57 am

    What I find wonderful about this letter is exactly what I find wonderful — and inspiring — about your blog: namely, your fearless honesty about yourself and about your own journey. This kinds of honesty is all too rare in our culture, which is why it is all the more needed at this moment. Thank you for sharing this glimpse of the best kind of teaching there is, and I apologize if this kind of public praise is embarrassing.

    – Elizabeth (aka @cheesemonkeysf on Twitter)


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