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Senior Letter 2012, or: The Nerds


The Year of the Nerd. Chaos Incarnate. These were the most frustratingly brilliant, most challenging kids to teach because they weren’t robots and had no interest in doing what you wanted because you said to do it. I loved every minute of it. I will miss them.

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The Nerds Take Philadelphia

Nerd Dinner. They’ve Grown So Much!

I do one of these each year. I don’t know what happened to last years, but here is the 2010 version.

Recommended Reading: I stole this idea from Sam Shah, who writes an amazing letter. This is his most recent one.

Recommended Writing: Even if you don’t teach seniors, if this will be the last time you teach a group of kids, do this.

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  1. jsb16 permalink
    06.24.2012 2:15 pm

    Only two girls among the Nerds? Something to work on…

  2. Steve permalink
    06.24.2012 3:39 pm

    How does ignoring everyone from your past contribute to your development as a teacher? You’re an asshole! There, does that make me relevant enough now?

    Next time you write a letter to your students try making it more about them and less about you. I hope this contributes to the development of you as a person.

  3. 07.03.2012 6:01 pm

    I noticed the only 2 girls too. Same with my 8th grade geometry class last year: 13 boys, 2 girls.

    Your letter made me laugh, almost made me cry. Almost :) The kids were lucky to have you; you gave them the space to grow and they knew it was safe to make a mistake. Don’t be surprised if your next group of kids rocks your world again. These youngsters keep us happy like that.

    Thanks, Greg!

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